Haiti’s Fragile Democracy: Defend Jean-Bertrand Aristide

The latest chapter in a long series of preliminary legal actions against Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has generated a series of standoffs. Outside Aristide’s house in the suburb of Tabarre, his supporters have gathered several times in the past weeks to protest announced efforts to arrest him and have usually been dispersed with tear gas by Haitian police and UN soldiers. Inside the Courthouse Judge Lamarre Belizaire insists that the police execute an arrest warrant he issued on August 14, while his chief judge issues contradictory statementsabout whether the effort to have him recused—now before Haiti’s Cour de Cassation (Supreme Court)—affects the warrant’s validity. In the court of public opinion, Aristide’s lawyers—who have not been allowed any hearings or access to the case file—argue that the Judge Belizaire is an illegally-appointed judge following a deeply flawed process to harass an opponent of the government that named him.


Source: jurist.org

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Urgent Action to Preserve Net Neutrality!

People around the world understand the battle for net neutrality as a defining moment for the Internet.
ThoughtWorks is joining Big Telecom vs. The World, a global effort of more than 50 groups in 22 countries who are calling on individuals, organizations and companies to be part of the historic campaign. 

Source: www.thoughtworks.com

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The Myopia of Economics Journalism

Economics journalism in South Africa needs to wake up and smell the coffee. As things stand, the profession and its practitioners are apparently ill equipped to relate to recent developments, just as were professional economists when the crash of 2008 stunned the discipline. Unless the media recognises the need for a genuine contest of ideas and diversity of opinions, and starts to speak to the economic experiences of the majority of South Africans, then its future could be bleak indeed. After all, relevance is the most important guarantor of sustainability, not closeness to where the wealth lies in society at this current moment.

Source: sacsis.org.za

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