ZCommunications » The spirit of Saro-Wiwa rises

A new wave of anger, manifesting in large protests, is sweeping through Nigeria’s Ogoni enclave. Early in the morning of 10 December 2013, over 5,000 children, women, young people and men from Ogoni villages blockaded the Akpajo Junction. Akpajo connects Ogoni territory to the oil hub of Port Harcourt. The town’s petrochemical infrastructure, two oil refineries and seaport were all forced to shut down for the day, as locals used tankers and their bodies to bring the busy junction to a standstill.

The blockade was mobilized by the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP). ‘The Ogoni people are on the streets over the refusal of the government to implement the UNEP report two years after it was released,’ explained Legborsi Pyagbara, MOSOP’s president. ‘We’ve given the government several opportunities to do the right thing, including publishing an open letter in the national dailies. We also gave the government a 90-day ultimatum which expired on 9 November and no steps were taken.’1

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Save the Children: Rescind or apologise for giving an award to Tony Blair.

Tony Blair was jointly responsible for starting an illegal war.  Had he been a “Third World Despot” he would almost certainly have been charged with war crimes.  
The invasion of Iraq in 2003 unleashed a decade of devastating destruction on families in the region.  It also added fire to destruction beyond the region.  Save The Children giving Blair an award is a grotesque insult to those children killed, maimed and orphaned by the devastation his action precipitated.  Action which continues t

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Justice for Hassan Diab: wrongfully extradited to France by Canada

Whisked away from Ottawa before dawn with no chance to say farewell to his pregnant wife and 2-year old daughter, Dr. Hassan Diab remains in detention in the Paris vicinity. A French investigating magistrate placed Dr. Diab under judicial investigation (mis en examen) upon Hassan’s arrival in France. Dr. Diab can expect to be held in detention for nearly 2 years while waiting for the magistrate to conclude his investigation and decide whether or not to put him on trial.

Upon learning of the Canadian Supreme Court’s decision not to hear Hassan’s final appeal, Diab’s lawyer Donald Bayne, said “We now have the classic recipe for the wrongful conviction of a Canadian citizen.”


Source: www.justiceforhassandiab.org

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