214 Girls Rescued From Boko Haram, Pregnant – UNFPA

The latest rescue of additional 234 women and children by the Nigerian Army from the Sambisa Forest in Borno State, has indicated that a sizeable number of the rescued girls were visibly pregnant, even as unofficial reports put the latest number of pregnant girls in one of the camps in Borno as at last Saturday at 214.

Giving this indication in Lagos, Executive Director, UNFPA, Prof. Babatunde Osotimehin, also disclosed that in the last one year, the organization had taken deliveries of over 16,000 pregnancies in the troubled North East part of the country.

Source: www.frontiersnews.com

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Displaced New Orleans Poet Sunni Patterson: I Will Be a “Cultural Ambassador to Bring a Light to Every Injustice”

We go to New Orleans to speak with poet and performer Sunni Patterson. She’s from the Lower Ninth Ward, but like thousands of the city’s residents has been forced to live outside and is now based in Houston, Texas. [includes rush transcript]

Source: www.democracynow.org

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Easy Virtue: illicit diamond revenue

The key to understanding the mystery of Dubai’s value lies in the country’s own diamond statistics, which shows that diamond imports nearly doubled nearly a decade ago—from 26 million carats in 2005 to 42 million carats in 2006. The sharp increase in exported diamonds to Dubai corresponded with the opening of Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields for production. Described as the largest diamond find of the decade, Marange would quickly become a conflict zone between alluvial miners and the Zimbabwe regime’s military. By 2011, Zimbabwe would become one of the world’s top ten diamond producers and Dubai its natural ally.  

Source: www.worldpolicy.org

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Rasna Warah on War Crimes and Misdemeanors

Speaking before members of the international press gathered in Mogadishu on January 29, 2015, Philippe Lazzarini, United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Somalia, called on the international community to act in order to prevent a repeat of the famine of 2011 in Somalia. “About 731,000 Somalis face acute food insecurity, the vast majority internally displaced people, while an additional 2.3 million people are at risk of sliding into the same situation,” Lazzarini told the press. The UN estima

Source: www.warscapes.com

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Ghanaian Hustle – Roads & Kingdoms

There’s a word for it in Ga: nakpee. That combination of awe and disbelief that leaves you breathless. That’s what I feel when I round a corner in a field full of what I assume are rusting old tanker trucks and find a man standing on a massive sheet of curved metal. He’s staring into the guts of a half-finished tanker with a profound look of resignation on his face. “Light off,” says Kofi Boache, brandishing a lifeless welding gun to prove it—there’s another blackout. This is why the damn things take a month to make.

Source: roadsandkingdoms.com

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